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Ma Bimbo (English community)
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for fans of the French dress-up game
Ma Bimbo is a French dress-up game. You create a "bimbo" character and care for her over time: feed her, buy her clothes, etc etc.

This is a community for English speakers (bilinguals welcome of course!) to have fun and talk about the game, show off our bimbos, have parties and so on and so forth.

(Side note: we allow anonymous posting, but there are some members' only areas. If you want to stick around, sign up for a free LJ account and join us!)

(Let's assume we're all mature bimbos and don't need too many)

1. PLAY NICE. No spamming, no trolling, no yelling, no pulling hair. Thank you.

2. Don't be shy! If nobody's posted about the latest news, or if you want to start up a costume party, go ahead and do it!

3. Not really a rule but ... if you want people to see your question, it's better to add a new post rather than commenting on an old one. Just sayin'.
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