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Goals (levels 1-20+)
virtualchimera wrote in mabimbo_game
These are the Ma Bimbo goals for levels 1-20, translated from the site. The goals for levels 21 and beyond are in a separate (members-only) post so as to avoid accidental spoilers.

(Note: for those of you who also play Miss Bimbo, the level goals are slightly different, so don't assume their guides will help you!)

- Change your hairstyle at the Hairdresser to the purple pigtails.
(Go to Beauté, then Coiffeur.)
(picture available under "Niveau 1")
- Rent a studio apartment. Go to IMMO in the city.
(go to La Ville, IMMO is all the way on the left)
- Buy at least one item of clothing at Chez Nine.
(just select Chez Nine from the menu)

- Have at least 3 items of clothing from Chez Nine and at least one outfit.
(To save an outfit, go to Chambre and put on the clothes you want. Then select Nouvelle tenue (the second option), type in the name of the outfit, then click Enregister)
- Find a boyfriend! Go to the nightclub in the city.
(go to La Ville, then Discoteque. Choose the option under Petit Copin)
- Change your hairstyle to a light pink bun.
(picture available under "Niveau 2".)
- Find a job. Go to ANPE in the city and sign up to be a baker (that's Boulangère).

- Save an outfit that includes a dress.
- Change your haircut to the long straight hair, in light blue.
(picture available under Niveau 3)
- Win 10 défis (challenges).
(Choose some bimbos from the right-hand list whose BA is less than yours. Select "sans mise," which means no money staked. On the list to the left, select "voir" to watch each challenge; You won't win unless you watch.)
- Decorate your room. Go to Ikeland (in the city) and buy a left wall (mur gauche) and a right wall (mur droit). To see your room, go to "Ma Bimbo" and click on the image of your apartment on the bottom right. Then click on the image of your room.

- Gain at least 75 IQ. Go to the library in the city.
(Clicking on the book will have your bimbo study on her own, clicking on the computer opens up the Kemo word game)
- Buy the Bureau classic (that's a desk) in any color at Ikeland.
(picture available under Niveau 4)
- Buy a gym card.
(go to Superette and select "Objet" then buy the pink card. It costs 300 and it's reusable.)
- Become a Boulangère.
(Back in level 3 you signed up for training. After a couple days, return to the ANPE and accept the job. Now you will earn money every day.)

- Rent or buy Apartment Type 2.
(go to IMMO in the city.)
- Save at least 10 different outfits.
- Start thinking about your looks - you'll need at least 10 items of clothing or shoes in your wardrobe.

- Gain 4000 points of Bimbo Attitude (BA).
- Save an outfit with a skirt.
- Jean-Pierre, your boyfriend, doesn't like your new style and you no longer love him. Time to break up!
(go to the disco or click on Jean-Pierre on your main page. click the button above his photo that says "Rompre.")
- Win 30 défis (challenges). Don't be a afraid to start challenging at lower levels. Rival bimbos will more easily accept défis without money.
(Remember, you have to watch each one or it won't count as a win.)

- Breaking up with your first boyfriend has made you depressed and you have gained weight! Lose the weight to less than 60 kilos.
(remember the gym card you bought in level 4? if you haven't used it yet, go to "Mes Objets" and click the pink button under the card. now you will be able to use the gym in the city for free for the rest of the game!)
- Play Range ton Sac (the Memory game in the Jeux section) today.
(Do this last - you must play the game on the same day you level up)
- Because you are depressed, go to the hairdresser for a change of look. Pick the style and color of your choice.
- Find a new boyfriend, go to the Discoteque in the city.

- Hairdressing is your new passion: get trained to be a Coiffeuse (hair stylist)!
- Get one or more body scrubs at the beauty parlor. Keep going until you have the lightest skin color.
(If you have never had a tan, you will only need one scrub.)
- Play Grattage (the lottery game in the Jeux section) today.
- Win at least 50 défis.

- Have at least 500 BO.
- Have an IQ of at least 90.
- Your mirror no longer says you're the most beautiful, you're very upset. Go to the clinic for a facelift.
(WARNING: Ma Bimbo is a game which makes fun of society. Plastic surgery should not be done lightly.)
- You're participating in a modeling session for plus size women. For that you will need to gain weight to weigh over 70 kilos.
- Put on lipstick at the beauty parlor.

- Your boyfriend Pierre is completely against plastic surgery - there is nothing between you now. Time to break up with him.
(Sounds like a sensible guy IMO, but ah well.)
- Your pale skin doesn't match your new face. Do 2 sessions at the tanning salon to have a lightly bronzed complexion.
(You want to be 2 shades darker than the pale shade from level 8. if you got a tan since then, you may need less sessions or even a scrub. check here under Niveau 8)
- Go to the gym and regain your ideal weight (58 kilos).
- See the psychologist at the clinic today.
(This goal resets every day, so it must be done on the same day you level up.)

- Win at least 100 défis. Wow, you're the most beautiful and you're going to prove it!
- Your hands are dry from all that shampooing and you can't stand the thought of another conversation with your customers. You want to change jobs and become a secretary.
- Have at least 70 items in your closet.
- You want to find a man who loves plastic surgery. Go to the discoteque and start hunting.

- George, your new boyfriend, loves plastic surgery. Go to the clinic and have a breast operation to enhance your silhouette.
- Have at least 30 outfits.
- Have 25,000 BA.

- You have fallen madly in love with a certain Leonardo Dicarpacio. Break up with poor George and begin the conquest of Leonardo.
(You will have to wait a day in between breaking up and seeking out a new boyfriend.)
- Have an IQ of at least 110.
- You're participating in a carnival. Save an oufit with the Sailor Nine costume (skirt, shoes, necklace, gloves and top in any color you want). You'll find the items under the ";Spécial" section of Chez Nine.
( picture of the complete outfit under Niveau 13.)
- Your friends think you're not very studious because you have such a bare room. That doesn't matter! You're going to prove your room is mega cool! Go and buy: 2 wall decorations (under "déco murale") and 2 accessories.
(Buy the items and decorate your bedroom.)

- Your two surgeries have caused you to discover the world of medicine. You want to help people, too: change your job and become a nurse.
- Have at least 12,000 BO
- Win at lesat 200 défis.
- Have at least 45,000 BA
- Have at least 200 items in your closet - a Bimbo's closet should be nice and full!

- Buy or rent a T3z apartment where you can live with Leonardo.
- Have an IQ of 140.
- Your friend Jerrica offered you a set of accessories (beret, belt and necklace). Buy the rest to make a complete outfit. You can find the items in Chez Nine under "Spécial": haut, veste, sac, jupe, chaussures, chaussettes. Save your outfit ;)
(Don't bother with the special section, just type "Jerrica" in the search box.)
(picture of complete outfit is under Niveau 15)

- A photographer wants you to model for his magazine in red and black lingerie. Dress in the red and black lingerie and save the outfit.
(picture of the outfit under Niveau 16)
- Play "Range ton sac" (the matching game) today.
- Life as a couple is not easy and you decide to talk to the therapist today.
- Have at least 75,000 BA.

- The shrink couldn't fix things between you and Leonardo. It's time to break up ... but rumor has it there's a millionaire on vacation in Bimbo City. He must succumb to your charms!
- Have more than 300 items of clothing, you are becoming more and more popular, you must have more diversity in your wardrobe!
- Celebrate your 100th day of playing, you will receive a lovely gift.
- Win at least 350 défis.
- Your colleague Liz just gave you the Sac Rentrée (a purse) and the Echarpe Rentrée (a scarf). Now you like the student look. Buy the complete Rentrée set (any colors) and save it as an outfit: jupe Rentrée (skirt; 250BO), Pull Rentrée (top; 110BO), Boucles d'oreilles Rentrée (earrings; 170BO), Chaussettes (socks; 10BO), Bottes (boots; 410BO), Ceinture (belt; 280BO)
(picture of the outfit under Niveau 17)

- Now that you're with Eddie and his world of People, you've become interested in the Jet Setter life and you want to become a journalist.
- You've been asked to vote in the Miss Bimbo election. Give 0-5 bimb'pop to 10 bimbos of your choice.
- Have 120,000 BA.
- You're spending your days on the beach with Eddie; get yourself the darkest tan to fit in.
(You can tan at the beauty parlor or at the beach. If you use the beach, make sure that you have the sunblock in your beach scene or you will get a sunburn!)

- Now that you're a journalist, you've been asked to write an article on fashion. In order to fit in, you'll need at least 500 items of clothing in your wardrobe.
- You've been invited to a video game theemed costume party. Buy and save a Heroic Fantasy outfit in the colors of your choice. You can find the items in the "Spécial" section of Chez nine.
Jupe Heroïc (looks like shorts, but it's in the skirt section): 1390 BO
Haut Heroïc Fantasy (top): 2000 BO
Broche Heroïc Fantasy (hair accessory): 4000 BO
Collier Heroïc Fantasy (necklace): 8000 BO
Boucles Heroïc Fantasy (earrings): 5000 BO
Bas Heroïc Fantasy (socks): 1500 BO
Gants Heroic Fantasy (gloves): 50 BO
Grosses Bottes Heroic Fantasy (boots): 120 BO
Sabre Heroic Fantasy (sword, located under purses): 80 BO
- You're in the mood to party. Go to the Discoteque 5 times.

- Have at least 180,000 BA.
- Have at least 180 QI
- After the video game party you meet Kounette, a young programmer. His attachment to driving games attracts you - what youth and freshness compared to Eddie! You decide to break up with Eddie and seek out Kounette in the discoteque!

Some general words of advice:
- Do "game" goals last. Games reset every day, so you have to play the game on the day you level up.
- Break up with your boyfriend last so you can keep getting money/attitude from him. (Wow, that sounds cold!) In the early levels you will not be able to get a new man until AFTER you level up.
- Go searching for a new boyfriend first. That way he will be giving you more attitude/money while you work on the other goals.
- Look ahead for the goals which require IQ, BA or défis. You should start on those as early as possible because they can be a pain later on.
- You can start buying the outfits (Sailor Nine, Jerrica, Liz, Heroic Fantasy) early, but read the level goal carefully! In some cases you will get some of the items for free when you reach that level, so you don't want to go buying them now.

I have some questions for lower level players:
- does jewelry count to your 10 items in level 5? (it says "clothing or shoes" so I'm not sure)

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Yay, it's nice to have this translated!

Just a note, niveau 13 now counts the sailor choker and gloves to make the complete Sailor Nine outfit (since it was redrawn).

Thanks for pointing that out. It's fixed now. You can choose any color, right?

Yup, any colour of your choosing. Finally all the planets are represented (and some mysterious grey and black ones that aren't canon xD)

It says "access denied" to the level 21+ goals. I have an account, what am I doing wrong?

Hi - you have to be a member of mabimbo_game to see locked posts. Just go over here and click join.

I am having a terrible time completing level 17. I cannot get my saved Rentree outfit to check off the goal. I've tried saving it with the shown colors, with the extra pieces that "your friend" gave and without. Anyone have any suggestions?

If you need help it's best to make a new post in the community - I'm probably the only person who's going to notice comments way down here (just 'cuz I get emailed when anyone comments on my posts).

Anyway ... First there are two Rentreé sets, make sure you're not using the "Rentreé 2010" items. Do include the gift pieces. Second, try calling it rentreé with the accent (just copy/paste the word from here), that might or might not make a difference.

If that doesn't fix it, like I said, make a new post in the community so other people can see it and help you out.

Hi, you'll get more help if you make a new post in the community - I'm the only person likely to notice a comment way down here (just 'cuz I wrote the original post so I get email alerts).

That said ... First off, there are 2 Rentrée sets, so make sure you have the right one and NOT the "Rentreé 2010" items. Do include the gift items. Second, try naming the outfit "rentreé" with the accent (just copy/paste that word from my comment) and see if that works.

If you still have trouble, repeat your Q in a new post and hopefully someone else will be able to give you advice.

are you still playing mabimbo

just wondering as I've been away for long time, now i'm back, but don't speak enough english to find my way around. Is there an english speaking forum within mabimbo?

my bimbo name is: juuhanna

thanks x

Re: are you still playing mabimbo

Hi Juuhanna,
I'm not playing the game much these days. If you want to see if others are playing, it's best to make a new post in the community - comments on old posts don't really get noticed.

Cheers for this. I didn't know this existed until I did a google search for the ma-bimbo goals in english. I'm going ot joi here because after I'm finished with level 20, I'm going to need the help I think. ☺

This is really helpful and all, but the gym card isn't there. Nothing is. ^^;


I don't now how to break up with pierre :L


Sometimes it takes a few days.

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