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Advent Calendar
virtualchimera wrote in mabimbo_game
It's December and that means the advent calendar!

For the 1st, I received a corset-style top in in blue, yellow and peach. What did you get?

1st: corset tops: yellow, pink/peach, blue.
2nd: ruffled skirt: pink/peach, black, purple, blue, yellow.
3rd: flower headbands: red, white and black.
4th: ankle boots: purple, blue, green, red, black, brown.
5th: lingerie sets: red purple, blue, black, green, white.
6th: bracelets: red, white.
7th: dress: gold.
8th: belts: pink, red.
9th: jackets: pink, blue.
10th: gold necklace with ribbon in orange, green, black.
11th: tunic tops: white, green, brown, purple.
12th: chair for your room: blue.

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I got the corset top, too, in yellow and peach!

I guess different presents have the same items in different numbers and colors.

1) 2 corset tops, yellow and pink/peach
2) 1 ruffled skirt, pink/peach
3) 3 flower headbands, red, white and black
4) 4 pairs of ankle boots, purple, blue, green and red

4)ankle boots in black, too
5)5 lingerie sets, red, purple, blue, black, green

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