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My Return
mydevy wrote in mabimbo_game

Hello Everyone!

I have been gone a while (studying :( ) but now I'm back! My Bimbo had to be sent on holiday for a while so I'm a bit behind! Anything I should know? and how is everyone?


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Hi! I'm still rather new to the Ma Bimbo site(level 15) but I really enjoy it! I hate to admit it, but the English site could definitely stand to learn a thing or two from these guys...
Do you know if anyone has any news on a Ma Bimbo Simulator? I've been on the hunt for one, but no luck so far :(

I haven't come across one, either. I'd be willing to help make one, if anyone here has any knowledge about what kind of coding would be necessary.

Hi, I just joined Ma-Bimbo (Also a memeber of Miss Bimbo-English Version).. I absolutely LOVE the clothes that they have on MBFrench! If only I could read half the words on the page, I'd be alright lol. I took one year of French in HighSchool so needless to say, my French is a little rusty :p How long have you been on there? What level have you gotten to? Can you understand French? I'm so happy I'm not alone! lol

Hi there! Check the FAQs, they have some useful information for people who don't speak a lot of French (including translations of the level goals).

I'm on level 29 now, but I stopped playing it for almost a year before starting up again. BTW, you'll probably get more responses from people if you write a new post rather than a comment. Don't be shy! :)

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