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Oh yay :)
maddiemooboo wrote in mabimbo_game
I'm so excited to find out theres more english speakers and people who transferred over from missbimbo :)

My missbimbo/mabimbo are both named MissesMadeleine if any would like to add me

I was actually wondering about the boulevard de stars, do certain stars only appear at certain times of the year? I've noticed when theres new holiday stars I get them all within a few days but i never see old ones such as lady gragra.

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Yea this seems to be the general idea, I got aprhodite (wrong spelling!) as soon as I logged on when it was the valentine event but it has went back to normal. I think there is rare occasions when you will find someone!

P.s. Welcome!! Adding now!

I've been on the site since they Boulevard was put up, and there were certain stars I had never gotten, like one of the Lady GraGras, and Katty Perry and Cupid, but after I got each of the Cannes stars, all the ones I missed popped up all in a row. I have everything I was missing now! I have no idea why.

I'm Mia Rain over at MissBimbo thought I did join Ma-Bimbo because some firends of mine lured me there.

I'm MerlinsMaiden over there. This is my girl over there at the moment.

As far as the stars, I've gotten quite a few.

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