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Expensive clothes.
virtualchimera wrote in mabimbo_game
I want to take advantage of the sale to buy some expensive challenge-winning outfits. Do you ladies have a special challenge costume? What is it?

Here are the most expensive items I could find for level 22 (the ones with * I'm not sure about):

GLOVES: Cuir luxe (4,500)

Ras de Cou en Or (37,575)
Collier en Or (26,580)
Collier en Argent (13,300)

BRACELET: Sexy St Valentin (2,400)

EARRINGS: Anneux Or (19,099)

GLASSES: Coeur (980)

BELT: Fleur (2,450)

SOCKS: Heroic Fantasy (1,500)

UNDERWEAR: Lingerie 2 Millions (2,000)

Saxo Musique (9,900)
Lapin (6400)
Sacoche Cartable (5,870) <- if you want an actual purse!

TOP: Haut Drapé (2,470)*

PANTS: Jean bleu troué (1,990)*

SKIRT: Jupe en Jean (2,780)*

Diamante (55,555)
Anniversaire (33,333)

SHOES: Escarpins Tango (5,760)

Manteau Lolita (4,700)
Manteau Chapelie (4,560)

Princesse Nineland (4,500)
Broche Heroic Fantasy (4,000)

What's your list?

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welcom chez moi

I tend to wear an expensive dress + the most expensive undies and have at it. 25,000 dollar dress is enough to steamroll the unsuspecting challengers. This is much more thorough though :D

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