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Advent Calendar
mydevy wrote in mabimbo_game

Happy 1st of December guys!

This is officially my favourite month of the year! Nothing to do with the fact my birthday and Christmas are in it  :P

When logging on to the MaBimbo site I came across the new Advent Calendar, When you click on the 1st you get a choice of box! (oooh) and then your gift! I got some lingerie and 50BA!

Is it different for anyone else?

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I got lingerie as well...and the second day I got a few pairs of earrings. I wonder if it's different in each box? I think I got BA, too.

I got 5 skirts from Box #2.

Happy holidays, forgot to check here ^^ They've instituted a santa's wishlist, we can all buy stuff for friends/put stuff on our wishlist. Should I start a new post with just that?

I wonder if the colors are different depending on the box?

(Deleted comment)

Re: Glad I found you guys!

No, it should be automatic. In some cases you have to actually wear the item(s) and save them as an outfit, though. See if that works?

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