1. Where is the FAQ?
Right here! But because of spam issues, the FAQ is now members-only.

2. How can I become a member?
Simple: just go to the community profile and click on the "Join" link in the upper right. You should be signed up automatically - if not, leave a comment here or send me a message.
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Advent Calendar
It's December and that means the advent calendar!

For the 1st, I received a corset-style top in in blue, yellow and peach. What did you get?

The list so far...Collapse )

Hope you ladies had a happy halloween.

I'm trying to figure out the difference between the different houses. I know the Studio has 1 room and the T2 has 3 (bedroom, bathroom, living room). Do the more expensive ones have more rooms to decorate or are you just paying for the extra BA you get?

Where does your bimbo live?


EDIT: Okay so far....
Living with Parents: Bedroom only (but you can use their bathroom to shower).
Studio: Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, (Kitchen coming soon).
T2: same as studio.
Palace: 2 Bedrooms, 2 Living Rooms, Bathroom, (Kitchen and garden coming soon).
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My Return

Hello Everyone!

I have been gone a while (studying :( ) but now I'm back! My Bimbo had to be sent on holiday for a while so I'm a bit behind! Anything I should know? and how is everyone?


New Clothes!
Ok sale is gone but new clothes galore!!
I can't buy any cause I'm saving so I can level up! But lets see some photos!!!! :)

Oh yay :)
I'm so excited to find out theres more english speakers and people who transferred over from missbimbo :)

My missbimbo/mabimbo are both named MissesMadeleine if any would like to add me

I was actually wondering about the boulevard de stars, do certain stars only appear at certain times of the year? I've noticed when theres new holiday stars I get them all within a few days but i never see old ones such as lady gragra.

Expensive clothes.
I want to take advantage of the sale to buy some expensive challenge-winning outfits. Do you ladies have a special challenge costume? What is it?

Here are the most expensive items I could find for level 22 (the ones with * I'm not sure about):

List o' clothesCollapse )
What's your list?

Advent Calendar

Happy 1st of December guys!

This is officially my favourite month of the year! Nothing to do with the fact my birthday and Christmas are in it  :P

When logging on to the MaBimbo site I came across the new Advent Calendar, When you click on the 1st you get a choice of box! (oooh) and then your gift! I got some lingerie and 50BA!

Is it different for anyone else?

So many to choose from!
Do you guys know if there is a wardrobe simulator for ma bimbo?

There are so many items to choose from that I feel like I'm going to go through like five accessory changes before I get the right one for the right outfit, lol.

New profile pic!
Hey guys!

Hows things going in the world of MaB?

I had an idea.....if you guys would like to post pictures of your Bimbos in their best gear I would like to make us a nice new profile! I'll give you guys  a week and then that will be it so get in your pics asap!!!



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