News! Site Down!
MaBimbo site is down for maintenance not sure how long for! But it has been down from early this morning, hopefully it will be only one day! There was no announcements as far as I know but it must be something big to have to take the whole site offline! Excitement!

Redrawn Greek Outfit!
L/Misa cuteness
Not gonna lie, I've been dying for this dress to be redrawn. It used to be my fave old dress, and now it looks 1000 times better! I had to buy the shawl (it's under Jackets) which cost 1,400 but I like it with and without :D

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L/Misa cuteness
Hiya! Today I finally got a new celebrity in weeks! It's only Justin Bieber (I still don't dress up my bf much) but it was someone at least.

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Lady GraGra and the new game
I've been visiting the Boulevard Des Stars for months now, and haven't found any of the three Lady GraGra photo ops. However, there's a new game (Questions pour une Bimbo) that has "decouvre les photos mysteres" as one of the headlines on its splash page.  Do you now have to play this game to get these photos, or have I just missed the opportunity?  Any help would be appreciated!

Hey everyone :)
And here, I thought I was the only one who attempted to slosh through the Ma Bimbo with a translator. I don't speak a word of French. :p

I just started playing a few days ago after I came to a standstill on the English Miss Bimbo site.

Nice to meet you all.

Bons Points
We have another scavenger hunt, it seems.  Today, I found points on the tattoo page and the FAQ page.

Update Time
Hey how is everyone?

Thought I would just pop in and ask how everyone is getting on with the game?!
Any difficulties?
I'm on level 31 and its another Defis challenge , something like 1500 challenges!?! They annoy me a little cause you just have to wait and wait and...wait....But I am enjoying all these new clothes, there are some new dresses which are all lovely!

Well drop in and let us know how your all getting on!

Sales & Stars
1. 50% off sale on clothing and supermarket goodies.

2. More stars in the boulevard. (Try refreshing a couple times - I just got Sara-Jessica Poker after weeks of nobody.)

Also due to real life issues I'm obviously not able to keep up on the latest MaB announcements here. If other people would like to post newsworthy items or just talk about level grinding or accessorizing, please do so.
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More Stars
There are new stars on the Boulevard so for those of us who have been unable to find anyone there, hopefully this means our luck will change. The news post says Lady Gragra has supposedly been floating around the past couple weeks, but she's obviously been very elusive! (I did get a pic with Christophe Malé yesterday, on the first try and he didn't seem to mind the soccer uniform. :D )

For the week of the Music Festival (June 21-28):
- 5 new stars are appearing.
- The chances of finding a star have increased.
- Taking their picture gives you 10,000BA instead of 5,000BA (I can't tell if this is just the 5 new stars or for all the stars?)
- If you get photos of all 5 stars, Britney Spirze will show up and let you take a picture without wasting photo paper.

After June 28th the new stars (including Britney) will still be around but you'll only get 5000BA for them and you'll only have a 1/10 chance of taking their picture.

Aaaaaand new musical clothes in Chez Nine.

Original news post is over here

World Cup Uniforms
It wasn't posted on the forum for some reason, but you can get country-specific sports uniforms at Chez Nine.

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