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Yay, it's nice to have this translated!

Just a note, niveau 13 now counts the sailor choker and gloves to make the complete Sailor Nine outfit (since it was redrawn).

Thanks for pointing that out. It's fixed now. You can choose any color, right?

Yup, any colour of your choosing. Finally all the planets are represented (and some mysterious grey and black ones that aren't canon xD)

It says "access denied" to the level 21+ goals. I have an account, what am I doing wrong?

Hi - you have to be a member of mabimbo_game to see locked posts. Just go over here and click join.

I am having a terrible time completing level 17. I cannot get my saved Rentree outfit to check off the goal. I've tried saving it with the shown colors, with the extra pieces that "your friend" gave and without. Anyone have any suggestions?

If you need help it's best to make a new post in the community - I'm probably the only person who's going to notice comments way down here (just 'cuz I get emailed when anyone comments on my posts).

Anyway ... First there are two Rentreé sets, make sure you're not using the "Rentreé 2010" items. Do include the gift pieces. Second, try calling it rentreé with the accent (just copy/paste the word from here), that might or might not make a difference.

If that doesn't fix it, like I said, make a new post in the community so other people can see it and help you out.

Hi, you'll get more help if you make a new post in the community - I'm the only person likely to notice a comment way down here (just 'cuz I wrote the original post so I get email alerts).

That said ... First off, there are 2 Rentrée sets, so make sure you have the right one and NOT the "Rentreé 2010" items. Do include the gift items. Second, try naming the outfit "rentreé" with the accent (just copy/paste that word from my comment) and see if that works.

If you still have trouble, repeat your Q in a new post and hopefully someone else will be able to give you advice.

are you still playing mabimbo

just wondering as I've been away for long time, now i'm back, but don't speak enough english to find my way around. Is there an english speaking forum within mabimbo?

my bimbo name is: juuhanna

thanks x

Re: are you still playing mabimbo

Hi Juuhanna,
I'm not playing the game much these days. If you want to see if others are playing, it's best to make a new post in the community - comments on old posts don't really get noticed.

Cheers for this. I didn't know this existed until I did a google search for the ma-bimbo goals in english. I'm going ot joi here because after I'm finished with level 20, I'm going to need the help I think. ☺

This is really helpful and all, but the gym card isn't there. Nothing is. ^^;


I don't now how to break up with pierre :L


Sometimes it takes a few days.

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