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New Clothes!
mydevy wrote in mabimbo_game
Ok sale is gone but new clothes galore!!
I can't buy any cause I'm saving so I can level up! But lets see some photos!!!! :)

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i would like to become a member of the community. My bimbo is already level 61 and well i love the game.



Welcome Verobelle! What's your Bimbo name, so we can add!


My bimbo name is veroBelle :) Thanks for adding me.

Have a nice day


This is what I'm wearing at the minute, just keeping it casual! New hair though, weird not having it red! But I fancied a change and since I would never have the courage to do my own hair like that I use my Bimbo!

Cute :D I love how you avoided using much black (I noticed a lot of bimbo players use it as a canvas for everything, but it does get wearying xD)

I've been using the hairbrush to change hairstyles these days and only go to the salon for a complete change, so I understand how weird it can look to see your bimbo with a new hair colour, haha



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